Terramed Migraine Glasses 2020 Guide

Millions of people each year suffer from migraines and take medication to ease the pain. However, prevention is better than treatment and by managing blue light effectively we can beat migraines.

As someone who has been suffering from migraines for a long time, I am all too familiar with the annoying search for various ways to get rid of them. Often these migraines were intense and lasted several days, even a few months (some severe ones).

But, I have not had a migraine in 2 years, and I owe it all to Terramed Migraine Glasses that have helped me forget about this nightmare. So, in this article, I will help you get some insight into what exactly are migraine glasses, how they work, and why you should consider getting a pair.

What are Migraine Glasses?

To understand the function of migraine glasses, it is crucial to first understand the nature of migraines and why a lot of people suffer from them.

Migraine is a neurological condition that can cause multiple symptoms, such as difficulty speaking, numbness or tingling and sensitivity to light. It is much more than just a simple headache. It’s frequently characterized by intense, debilitating headaches, and severe light sensitivity.

Since light sensitivity is reported as both a common symptom and a common trigger, it’s no surprise that most people with migraine disease are hypersensitive to light. A sunny day that delights most of us can be excruciating for them, but even indoor lighting can hurt. It’s this degree of light sensitivity that sets them apart.

As the only medical device of its kind, migraine glasses are proven for the prevention and treatment of migraine symptoms. They can work as effectively or more safely than alternative medications without any tolerance buildup. Therefore, migraine glasses are a prime choice for people whose migraines are caused by hypersensitivity to light. They filter the light that has been implicated in triggering and aggravating migraine attacks. They use a special coating on the lenses that are specifically designed to keep the “bad” light out and let the good light in. No substantially altered vision, no dark-adapted eyes, just light protection.

How do migraine glasses work?

There are many reasons why rose-tinted glasses for migraines are incredibly useful for reducing the frequency and seriousness of episodes. But how exactly do they work?

Well, for starters, the technology behind tinted-glasses for migraines helps to protect your eyes from the light, which can prevent a lot of migraines and reduce the strain that the eyes receive daily.

What’s more, glasses for fluorescent lights help to reduce glare from bright lights and computer screens, helping to avoid migraines during extended periods of work. Since light sensitivity is the primary cause of migraines, these types of glasses are crucial for reducing the frequency and severity of episodes. Basically, the brighter the light, the more severe a migraine episode.

That’s especially true for blue-green light, like the one on computers, fluorescent lights, and even sunlight, so for people who have migraines often, it’s best to wear migraine glasses at all times. Migraine glasses help reduce the frequency of migraines, reduce their severity, make people less sensitive to light, and even reduce the discomfort of the eyes.

In case you suffer from extreme light sensitivity or photophobia, you know for sure that light can be extremely uncomfortable. Even though it’s not practical to wear sunglasses indoors, studies have shown that 60% of migraine attacks are triggered by bright and reflected light or glare.

Migraine glasses have a special lens that blocks the wavelengths that are known to trigger light sensitivity symptoms while allowing other types of light to filter through. This reduces the wearer’s exposure to those wavelengths that are most likely to cause light-triggered symptoms while allowing them to see clearly.

 Terramed glasses for light sensitivity indoors are specially designed to be lightweight for comfort, and most importantly they block out the bright lights for the photophobic or light-sensitive. Moreover, they also help prevent eye strain and headaches from a digital device or computer use, without causing any side effects such as blurry vision.

Migraine glasses filter light, thus reducing migraine symptoms. Blocking certain wavelengths of light may reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and even prevent them.

Why are they so effective?

The primary principle behind migraine relief glasses involves the FL-41 filter, which can filter out the majority of blue-green light that’s responsible for most migraine attacks.

Fluorescent and bright lighting is a trigger for migraines in children and adults and continued exposure to light can make things even worse. Wearing migraine light sensitivity glasses while working on a computer or under fluorescent lights can help. Our FL-41 Terramed Anti Migraine Glasses are specially designed for all-day wear indoors to prevent and reduce the frequency of migraines, relieve symptoms from light sensitivity, and minimize eye strain and fatigue.

Terramed’s solution to your light and migraine dilemma

Over six years of optical engineering, experimentation, and clinical research have gone into developing the Terramed lenses specifically for migraine.

Terramed’s lens will not only protect your eyes but also your brain and overall well-being. By blocking blue light in this range, the user will ensure their light sensitivity improves and they will get fewer migraines.

You'll probably forget you're even wearing them as your color perception remains intact and your color contrast increased.

Our Main Features:

✔ Patented technology precision-tinted migraine lenses to block light that can trigger or worsen symptoms.

✔ Lenses help you hold focus on digital devices and minimize eye muscle fatigue.

✔ Stylish design that will make any outfit look stunning.

✔ Made of ultra-lightweight polycarbonate to lower pressure on your face and head.

✔ Scratch-resistant hydrophobic hard coating, hydrophobic (water repellent), and debris resistant.

✔ FDA Registered and Approved!

✔ 90% of our customers reported relief from migraine symptoms and light sensitivity with their new glasses for migraine headaches.

We take pride in our effective glasses because, in addition to helping people forget about the annoying migraine pain, our glasses also offer an overall increase in people’s life who spend a lot of time in front of a screen. Most people who use our glasses report a significant improvement in eye sensitivity, a reduction in the frequency and severity of episodes, and an overall increase in quality of life.

How often do I use my migraine glasses?

Since everyone experiences these incredibly painful attacks in unique ways - it craves unique solutions. Your situation, environment, and the ways you react to several aspects of life are all uniquely yours. Thus, to get rid of your specific problem, you need to find your comfort level and choose the best option that will be the most effective for you.

Some of our customers wear their Terramed Migraine Glasses all the time. Others wear them only in situations where they feel light sensitivity: under fluorescent lights at work, at home, or going into a store.

So, it’s up to you how often you use the migraine glasses, however, in case you experience discomfort while wearing them at first, it might be a good idea to gradually work your way into wearing them for long periods.

Start with wearing them for about an hour a day, and then, slowly increase the number of hours, until you feel more comfortable with them.

7 Benefits of Migraine Glasses

In case you’re wondering if our Migraine Glasses will work for you and your migraine type, let us make it easier for you de decide:

✔ They guard your eyes against sensibility

✔ They work great indoors and outdoors

✔ They are very effective when it comes to getting rid of migraines

✔ There are many fashionable frames to suit your style

✔ They help reduce stress and anxiety by calming your light sensitivity

✔ They reduce glare from bright lights

Either you experience the immediate effect of pain relief or the long term solution, it is very important to use them correctly and take care of your overall health. Moreover, do not get discouraged if you do not have immediate relief, it simply might take a while for your body to adjust to them.

Terramed Migraine Glasses are your lightweight solution to your heavy problem.

Trust us now, and thank us later!


In a nutshell, the simple response to the question "do migraine glasses work?" is YES! They do work and provide a tremendous benefit to a large percentage of migraine patients.


So, what are you still waiting for?

Give yourself a ticket to a healthier lifestyle with our fashionable yet practical unisex Terramed Migraine Glasses that will make a significant improvement in your life!

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