The secret behind Tinted Migraine Glasses

In case you’re a migraine sufferer you already know how debilitating it can sometimes be. Migraines not only make you uncomfortable but also affect your daily life by disconnecting yourself from the rest of the world.

If you’re reading this article it’s probably because you’re looking for answers on how to stop this annoying pain and isolation and rejoin the world. Let us tell you that you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’re going to reveal the secret behind tinted migraine glasses and help you choose the best lens tint that can positively improve your overall performance through better visibility and comfort. But first, let’s get an insight into what is one of the main triggers of migraines.

Light Sensitivity as a Trigger

It’s no secret that there are a lot of migraine triggers that affect people in different ways. While someone suffers from migraines caused by stress or hormonal disbalance, many suffer from triggers such as light sensitivity.

Light sensitivity, also called photophobia, is a common migraine symptom that is sometimes used as part of a migraine diagnosis. Yet not all people who cope with photophobia experience migraines, and photophobia may affect people at different frequencies.

According to the American Migraine Foundation (AMF), among people who deal with migraines and photophobia, there is a strong correlation between the brightness of the light and the amount of discomfort that a person experiences during a migraine attack. Also, the wavelength of light may play a huge role in photophobia and migraine pain.

So, the amount of time a person spends in light might also have a substantial impact on your migraine light sensitivity as well.

For many, this can mean they avoid what would ordinarily be a pleasant situation. For instance, being outside on a bright sunny day is generally a good thing. Unless bright light triggers migraine when it becomes the opposite. If sunlight flashing between tree branches can cause a painful episode, sunny days are far from stress-free.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution for those who suffer from migraines caused by light sensitivity: Migraine light sensitivity glasses.

Wearing migraine light sensitivity glasses while working on a computer or under fluorescent lights can help reduce the amount of “bad light”, thus, reducing the pressure from your eyes.

A study in the 1990s of twenty children diagnosed with a migraine resulted in fewer headaches for those wearing tinted glasses. Precision tints reduced visual stress by 70%, and gray or other colors reduced it by 40%

Since then, precision-tinted lenses known as the FL-41 tins are considered as being the most effective when it comes to fighting light sensitivity.

If you know some friends or colleagues with migraines, you probably know what they are. Migraine tinted glasses or FL-41 tins are specifically designed glasses for all-day wear indoors to prevent and reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines, as well as relieve symptoms from light sensitivity and minimize eye strain and fatigue.

Over 80% of participants in a more recent study reported that FL-41 glasses reduced light and headache impact. Transitioning from the light to the dark is easier, migraines pop up less frequently, and you get some sweet compliments on your glasses.

Tips for Finding the Right Lens Tint

Knowing how to choose the best lens tint for eyewear can result in a variety of positive results. Mainly, those benefits add up to an overall improvement in performance through better visibility and comfort.

Since there are a lot of variations out there, finding the right lens tint for relief from light sensitivity can sometimes be overwhelming and time-consuming. However, the relief received is well worth the effort.

With that in mind, let’s analyze some tips to help you discover the right lens tint to relieve your migraine headaches.

Be willing to experiment: before you start using specific glasses, be prepared that they might not be a great fit for you. While some people find significant relief after just one pair of lenses, it might take several attempts for others.

Talk to your eye care specialist: although there is a lot of information available online, there is nothing as precious as professional advice. So, talk to an ophthalmologist that can help identify additional triggers and make suggestions regarding lens tint.

Check with your physician too: especially if you’re struggling to find the right solution, your doctor can provide valuable input.

Analyze your situation: there is no such thing as an exact migraine situation. Everyone experiences it differently. So, when looking for the best solution, make sure to only consider your personal feelings and triggers, otherwise, you risk to be looking in the wrong direction.


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